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slimmer me weight loss Slimmer Me is a Nigerian owned brand with products manufactured in Italy. Packed in our weight loss products are the secrets why Italians don’t get fat.
Slimmer Me is a registered trademark of Touch of Allure founded by a young lady fueled with the passion to help people of various colors achieve their weight loss and fitness goals regardless of their weaknesses.
Slimmer Me products are capable of helping men get rid of pot belly, helping new moms get their pre-pregnancy body and flat tummy back and also helping every individual attain their body goals and gain their confidence back.

We often advise to practice healthy lifestyle while using Slimmer Me weight loss products as healthy living is the key to a longer life so we have provided for you a free healthy living and sensible meal plan page on our website which you can follow when using your Slimmer Me products.

However, Slimmer Me products are highly effective and work on their own.

Our organic skincare products line “Touch of Allure” are carefully hand crafted, pH balanced to suit all skin types, cure skin imperfections like hyper pigmentation, eczema, acne, dark knuckles, stretchmarks, flaky skin and provide a flawless glow to your skin.

Our eye lashes product line “J&J Luxury Lashes” is truly a beauty to behold. We have five beautiful styles of mink lashes to choose from whether you like to keep it simple with ruby or sapphire or you love some drama with amber, angel and rose.  But then you can have it all.

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Busola Tom