Instant tummy tuck wrap


Our instant tummy tuck wrap is highly effective to reduce your waist/belly instantly by 5-7 inches! It helps you fit perfectly into your desired outfits and gives you a beautiful hourglass shape that makes you outstanding. It is super comfortable, easy to wear and does not fold and does not show under clothes. Its suitable for office, home, events, gym, post partum use.

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Our instant tummy tuck wrap is woven from high-quality polyester silk and natural latex silk. The material is environmentally friendly, the texture is fine, and the elasticity and resilience are excellent. It provides a strong plasticizing effect for your waist and abdomen, creating a perfect hourglass figure. The quality of our wrap is guaranteed, you can use for a long time. The product has passed 10,000 elastic tests, stable elasticity and not easy to deform, strong and durable. It can increase the calories burnt in the waist and abdomen, stimulate sweating, accelerate the burning of abdominal fat, and easily eliminate the belly (FUPA).

Our wrap is strapped with 6 pieces of segmented Velcro, which can be adjusted freely according to your own needs. Wrapped wear, close-fitting and comfortable, fits the curve of the human body, no size requirements, suitable for all female figures.

Wearing for 6 to 7 weeks, the waist circumference will be reduced by 6-8cm, with exercise and diet (healthy lifestyle), the effect will be doubled.


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