Super fat burner

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Slimmer Me Fat Burner pill works great for both men and women right away to help suppress appetite and melt away excess body and belly fat. It is an effective, fast and simple way to reduce fat.

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Super Fat Burner

Super Fat burner Ingredients:
Gamboge fruit, apple kiwi fruit, konjac extract powder, sweet potato fiber.

Efficient component and content:
General-flavone>2000mg per 100g

500mg*30 capsules

Usage & Dosage:
1 capsule/day, easy to take and with remarkable effect.

For better results, take 1 capsule Slimmer Me Super Fat Burner in the morning and 1 cup Slimmer Me Flat Tummy Tea at night. You can lose 6-15kg in 30 days.

Suitable Age: 18- 60years

Not applicable for women in pregnancy, breastfeeding and people with medical conditions.

Storage: In air-tight, cool and dry condition

Note: This product is best when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program. It can not be used as a substitution of medicines.


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