Ultimate fat burner


Slimmer Me ultimate fat burner capsule is a blend of potent fat-burning superfoods which works right away for men and women to block fat, increase thermogenesis, burn arm fat, thigh fat, belly fat, facial fat, suppress appetite, increase energy and lower cholesterol. It has anti-ageing properties and enhance skin glow.

It is suitable for men, women, people with ulcers, and breastfeeding mothers whose babies are 2-3 months old and above. Contains 60 vegetarian capsules.

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Slimmer Me Ultimate fat burner capsule fortified with vitamin c, vitamin b2, vitamin-e, and folic acid is highly effective to burn even the most stubborn fat.

Ingredients:- Catechins, Caffeine, Theanine, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Folic acid, B-carotene, Vitamin E, Saponins, Fluorine, Chlorophyll, Minerals

Specification:- 60 capsules

Usage:- Take 2 capsules per time, twice daily,  30 minutes after breakfast and 30 minutes after lunch.

Caution:- Not for children and pregnant women. Not recommended for evening use.


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